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On these gloomy winter morning I have been providing my shelf plants with a little extra light using these @gatheragardens grow lights.

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I’m looking forward to being able to grow Fresh Herbs for my restaurant. I’ll up date as time goes and I’m interested in weather or not this is a viable option for me to be able to 1. provide a fresh grown product. 2. save on packaging from purchasing my Herbs in plastic and elastic. 3. consistent availability to provide at least 2 bunches a day for 5 days a week trading. I’ll continue to update as time goes by. Thanks so much.

Fabiano Papadinos, Restaurant Katoomba

Have you wondered - what are hydroponics? How do hydroponics work?

I use a demonstration of the EcoKitchen hydroponics setup by Gathera to explain how hydroponics work and how all the different pieces of the puzzle fit together.

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Christe Cooper (Green Thumbed Reporter)

This is the best thing I’ve ever bought for my studio apartment. I really missed having a garden, and my indoor plants weren’t really cutting it. Since having the family farm, I feel I can choose to just set it and let it go, or potter, trim and clean if I want to. It also looks great, like the prettiest lamp/feature in your home!

Lyndal Alleyn

Rain, hail or shine, the @gatheragardens ☀️ Sun Shelf 2 allows me to garden and grow indoors all year round 🪴🌿 I love the new seamless design and lighter colour of water-resistant laminate wood. No matter what the weather is like outside, it’s so easy to grow my favourite houseplants with ease indoors. The grow lights on each shelf level can be controlled individually making it so customisable to my plants needs.


Love how easy it is to use and that the heads can be moved around. Have mine clipped to the edge of a shelf.

Caroline Chau

My Terra Garden exceeds expectations with us picking lettuce I planted a little over a month ago. Quick delivery an easy set up with nothing to do except sit back and watch. No bugs and no rodents eating my delicate seedlings. There’s something very satisfying about watching your food grow from seed to plate.

Jennifer Maurier

We grew a sunflower in a Sun Shelf! Here we outline the process of growing a taller plant indoors and what we learned while we did it.

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These nutrients have been so wonderful. My lettuces grow amazingly well, I haven’t had to buy lettuce in a year! In the middle of summer it only takes 4 weeks to be picking lettuce from the day I plant seeds. Basil and dill love it, as well as my silverbeet. I’m picking silverbeet every few days to a week. My seedlings as both tomatoes and capsicums have grown so much faster, stronger and healthier I my ecokitchen with these nutrients than the ones I planted in soil. They happily transfer to soil when they have reached the top of my ecokitchen. It’s honestly amazing. I have actually started feeding I to my monstera and it’s just produced a new leaf!

Renee Browning

This Rockwool product is great. Easy to use and I'm enjoying being able to propagate my aquarium plants with this fantastic product. Great, fast service and delivery

Susan Irvine

Yes, I’m a primary producer. I get to buy a tractor, ute and cattle dog now, right?

Lettuce straight from the hydro rig to the bowl. Spinach (at the very back) is coming on strong. Unfortunately, the capsicum hasn’t been as successful.


This view makes me dead happy. Feeling like a serious operation this year!

The Chillies (15 varieties), Pepper (9 Varieties), Aubergines (4 varieties) and Tomatoes (22 varieties) are loving life under the lights.


Great product, nice design and quiet when the pump is running. My partner loves growing her strawberrys and basil so much that we bought another model and are planning to save for the family farm version. Support people are so lovely and easy to deal with.

Jesse Millman

I was super excited to receive my sun shelf. It was super easy to assemble. I also purchased 2 grow modules. I did find the instructions for these a little hard to decipher but I got there in the end! I’ve had it up & running for only a few days but can already see my seeds sprouting, it’s so exciting!! Before I even set it up I had already purchased 2 more grow modules. Now I just play the waiting game for everything to sprout :-)

Rebecca Foden

Magical… enjoyment with veggie bowl of goodness. So easy to grow… wonderful

Minette Stabek

Very happy with these lights. All my plants are thriving under them.

Jess Atherton

I tried to sprout moth beans and it worked. I had tried sprouting moth beans before with various methods but nothing worked for me

Aditi Mane

As an artist I love to have plants around me for added inspiration. Fell in love with the Family Farm and have the perfect spot for it in my studio. The smell of fresh herbs especially will be perfect and so looking forward to doing a sketch for my art group. Only received and setup yesterday so about to get planting today. It really is a lovely piece of furniture and so easy to put together. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Lynne Robinson

Fast shipping. So far so good with the light. At first I thought it might look a bit ugly where I wanted it, but it works well and the black doesn’t disturb the visuals. The bendy arms are very posable. I’ve used a damage free command hook to hang a wooden Kmart shelf which the light is clipped on to since I’ve read it should be above the plants. Waiting for daytime to set the timer properly. I needed tis because the sun doesn’t directly ender my windows very much!

Annalee Ladiges

The delivery was very quick (Less than a week for each unit). The lights are working to expectation for my indoor plants (African violets, orchids and Streptocarpus). I run the lights for 12 hours per day.

Allan Mckean

Definitely getting out of hand. They’re throwing out too many big leaves and I’m running out of space.


I purchased the sun shelf for my african violets. I was tired of moving them around the house to find the best bright light spot as the seasons change. The sun shelf was easy to assemble. The light are set and forget coming on and going off automatically. Now all I have to worry about is that the plants are watered and enjoy the flowers. I don't regret purchasing the sun shelf it is a wonderful product and looks good too.

Des De Villiers

Watch the father of modern hydroponics, William F. Gericke, showcase his growing experiments almost a hundred years ago!

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William F. Gericke