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Hydroponic Vermiculite


Grow your favourite plants hydroponically using this incredible vermiculite solution which evenly distributes water throughout itself using capillary action!

How to use Vermiculite

Vermiculite is best used in applications where a pot or growing bed needs to be filled with a growing medium. For example in hydroponics vermiculite  can be used in a wicking bed system where water from the water basin below is sucked into the upper reservoir by a wick or the vermiculite itself. 

It can also be mixed in with other growing mediums such as perlite to get a cross between the main features of the mediums (perlite has great aeration/oxygenation properties, and vermiculite has great water absorption and retention properties) - mixing them together means you can suit your growing medium based on the characteristics of the plant that you are growing.


  • Can be used alone as a hydroponic growing medium or as a supplement to other growing mediums to increase moisture retention in regular soil.
  • Super absorbent - soaks up to 4 times its weight in water
  • Evenly distributes water, allowing for uniform aeration and moisture
  • Clean and sterile material
  • Can be re-used after washing

Large packs come in a compostable Bio bag. Small orders come in a brown paper bag. Zero waste

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Best used in our Indoor Smart Gardens.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Reusable and versatile

Love my smart soil! I have rewashed it and reused it a few times and still things grow great. I would probably only get 4 uses out of it though, as the vermiculite starts to get smaller and smaller after multilple uses.

Roseline D.
Hydroponic Vermiculite

Seeds grow very fast ,it feels like one minute you have a seed and the next you have a healthy plant ,I love growing my herbs hydroponically.

Adam W.


Alverta B.
Quick Shipping

Arrived really quickly - super impressed!

Sally J.
More than I needed

The large bag came in a nice reusable cloth bag which I didn't see coming but loved! Really good for keeping my veggies fresh in the fridge.