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TerraGarden Combo Kit

The ultimate indoor garden for the urban gardener. Handles all the fuss for you, leaving just the fun parts. Say goodbye to constant watering, maintenance and struggling plants!

The TerraGarden solves all your woes with our innovative hydroponic growing technology. Powerful automatic grow lights and water aeration pumps not only make gardening hassle free, but tremendously accelerate growth.

While the TerraGarden may appear compact, it grows hundreds of dollars of nourishing, nastiness free, fresh food every year. Supports up to 12 plants at once. Pick and choose what herbs or small veggies your heart desires and watch them spring to life.

Comes with everything you need to get growing, you only need to choose your seeds. Forewarning, you’re going to find yourself eating a lot more herbs and greens now that you’ve got a TerraGarden around! It always tastes better when you grew it.

How Much Can You Grow?

Tap below to see how much you can grow:

  • Lettuce:

    On average harvest 2.4 supermarket servings of lettuce every week (1 serving = 55g).

    Using just 3.6 litres of water/week, £1.12 of electricity and £0.68 of rockwool and nutrients.

    Perfect for making delicious pork and chilli lettuce wraps!

Why You Will Love It!

watering can pouring water drop

Super water efficient

The TerraGarden roots float directly in the water that they grow in, this results in high water efficiency - reducing the amount of maintenance that the system needs! Refill on average once every 2-3 weeks.

plants and clock

Faster & higher yields

Experience higher yields and faster growth due to this product providing the perfect nutrient balance and light exposure that your plants need to grow.

hand harvesting picking leaf from plant

Convenience at your fingertips

Modern design fits in most kitchens or living rooms - just metres away from your plate. Save the trip to the supermarket and harvest fresh herbs when you need them!

house with plant

Reduces Food Miles

By growing food in your own home, you reduce the distance food travels to get to you - resulting in a fresher meal on your table and fewer emissions from food miles!

  • High-performance full spectrum LED grow lights with two light settings: for vegetable/leafy growth (white/red light) or assisting fruiting/flowering (white/red/blue light)
  • An integrated timer that operates on a set timer that runs 18H on/6H off.
  • Adjustable light fitting which enables you to lift the light panel higher as your plants grow taller!
  • Built-in fan to provide aeration across leaf surfaces, improving the quality and speed of plant growth. Fans run on a 30 mins on/30 mins off cycle.
  • Built-in shrouded pump that provides aeration and nutrient circulation for the roots of your plant.
  • 7 Litre water reservoir lets you grow and grow and grow before you need to re-water your plants!
  • See-through reservoir cut-out lets you see the water level of the tank - making refilling water a breeze.
  • Easy setup which can be done in less than 5 minutes!

Dimensions When Assembled
38 cm x 38 cm x 32 cm
(roughly the size of a milk crate!)
Product Weight: 2.2 kg

Energy Usage
Monthly energy cost* ~ £3.75
*Assumes operation for 18 hours per day, with average UK electricity costs (£0.19/kWh).

  • Instruction manual
  • 12x Rockwool cubes
  • 150mL Bottle of Liquid Hydroponic Nutrients
  • Power Supply: AC to 24V DC Power adapter

This product does not come with grown plants as seen in the product pictures.



You can grow most small plants in this unit. We recommend herbs and leafy greens such as Lettuce, Basil, Coriander, Parsley, or Dill to begin with. We also recommend trying Lovage, Spinach or Thyme.


You need to add nutrients every time you refill once the plants germinate, usually once a month in the beginning, up to an average of once every 2 weeks (depending on the type of plant/temperature). Our suggested concentration ratios are:

  • 5mL per 1L of water when used for growing leafy greens or herbs
  • 10mL per 1L of water when used for growing fruiting plants such as tomato, capsicum or chilli.

This product comes with a 100mL bottle of liquid Nutrients.

If you've ever setup something that's flatpacked then this will be a walk in the park for you! All you need to do to setup the TerraGarden is clip in the light panel to the strut, and clip that into the water basin. Add in your rockwool cubes to the netcups, add water and nutrients and you're good to go!


There isn't too much maintenance required with the TerraGarden - on average you will only need to re-fill water and nutrients every 2-4 weeks. When the water runs low, refill it and add 5-10mL of the hydroponic nutrients per litre of water into the water basin and mix! If anything goes wrong - troubleshooting is easy, the best way to get back on track is to throw out the old nutrient water solution (into the garden or some other plants) and start again with fresh water and nutrients!

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Works Well

The terragarden does 16hrs on, 8hr off and varies on it's timings. But overall very happy with it and thinking to buy another, will finish comparing against the indoor smart garden combo for value, colour of produce taste etc. A great new hobby for a small space.


Can’t stop watching the progress. Growing lettuce / mint / basil / dill eagerly waiting for first harvest.

Alison Lockton
Fast results

Within 48 hours of planting lettuce, miniature cucumber and dwarf tomatoes I had green shoots showing! Really impressed. Looking forward to homegrown salad soon. Would be great if you could set different lighting at the same time (half/half) not sure how tomatoes will cope at same time as lettuce, but will see in a few weeks!

A Customer
Absolutely the worst customer service experience ever.

Gathera (previously called Urban Plant Growers), are not a UK company, but they have a UK website and sell their hydroponic growing products to UK customers. (

However, if a product you've purchased from Gathera is faulty, you are on your own. They do not honour the process for return and replacement of faulty items/parts, despite what they say on their own website.

I purchased a Terragarden from Gathera in December 2023. In April 2024 the internal water pump failed.
I emailed Gathera, and Tamara (their support contact) emailed me with instructions on how to dismantle and clean the pump.

I duly followed these instructions, and sent photos to prove I had done so. (This entailed me having to borrow the correct screwdriver head for the job).

But the pump still doesn't work. It is clearly an electrical fault and the only way to resolve the problem is for Gathera to supply a replacement pump.

A submersible pump is an important part of the hydroponic growing process, but it's not a particularly expensive item, so a replacement should not be a big deal for the retailer.

However, Gathera have stopped responding to my emails asking for details of how I can send the faulty part back to them for replacement (as per the instructions on their website covering faulty items).

This company are based in Australia. It's become obvious that they source their products from China (not a problem, many companies do this), and have a consignment shipped to the UK.
Despatch to UK buyers is probably through some sort of UK based fulfilment centre, whose purpose is only to pack and post purchases, not to deal with faulty items, replacements etc.

So , the bottom line is, is more than happy to take your money through their website, but is not interested in fulfilling their own after sales customer service obligations.


Love it