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Indoor Smart Garden Combo Kit

The Indoor Smart Garden is Urban Plant Growers' original indoor grow kit!

It is the best entry level into indoor gardening, allowing you to grow your favourite herbs indoors using an array of features that provide the perfect hydroponic growing solution.

The result? You can enjoy the flavour of freshly harvested food, grown in your kitchen and free of pesticides and unwanted bugs!

How Much Can You Grow?

Tap below to see how much you can grow:

  • Compact & Convenient - Compact to fit in even the smallest of kitchens. Once your plants reach maturity you'll have fresh herbs available in your kitchen - meaning you don't have to go to the supermarket every time you run out of herbs, and you won't have to watch herbs die in your fridge! Just harvest fresh herbs when you need them!
  • Super water efficient - Your indoor smart garden isn't a heavy guzzler, it's super water-efficient, only needing to be refilled every three weeks on average! And don't worry about forgetting to water it, your smart garden has a water level indicator that will beep for you when it's thirsty - meaning you won't find any limp plants that haven't been watered.
  • Wide Variety of plants - You can grow a wide variety of herbs and leafy greens with this smart garden, meaning you can ditch the limp leaves and plastic bags that you would otherwise buy from a supermarket (only to watch wilt in your fridge). We recommend herbs and leafy greens such as lettuce, basil, coriander, parsley, or dill to begin with.
  • Powerful Grow Lights - The indoor smart garden utilises high-performance full spectrum 8 Watt LED grow lights with an automatic timer, and reading light.

Height = 38cm
Length = 26cm
Width = 10cm

(roughly the size of a toaster!)

Energy Usage
Monthly energy cost* ~ £0.74
*Assumes 16 hours per day, with average UK Electricity prices of £0.19/kWh.


  • Instruction manual
  • Smart Soil (vermiculite) growth medium
  • 30mL Bottle of Liquid Hydroponic Nutrients
  • Power Supply: AC to 16V DC Power adapter

This product does not come with grown plants as seen in the product pictures.



You can grow most small plants in this unit. We recommend herbs and leafy greens such as basil, coriander, parsley, or dill to begin with. We also recommend trying Lettuce, Lovage, Spinach or Thyme.


You need to add nutrients every time you refill once the plants germinate, usually once a month in the beginning, up to an average of once every 2 weeks (depending on the type of plant/temperature). Our suggested concentration ratios are:

  • 5mL per 1L of water when used for growing leafy greens or herbs
  • 10mL per 1L of water when used for growing fruiting plants such as tomato, capsicum or chilli.

This product comes with a 100mL bottle of liquid Nutrients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
Plants loving life

I love these lights my plants we’re struggling in a dark corner now there very happy thank you

Bryan Evans
Smart Garden

Promising. Quick delivery. Growing nicely. Mixed leaves in front, basil at back. Basil being shy.

Smart garden

My garden is doing well, the little plants have grown through the holes and look very healthy. Some haven’t germinated yet, I hope they do soon. Yes, very happy with my garden so far.

Excellent product for those who can’t garden

Having unsuccessfully tried to have a vegetable garden in the past I decided to give the smart garden a go and I’m so happy I did. Lettuce is growing well with minimal effort. My 2 year old loves watching the seedlings grow and it’s very low mess which is perfect.

Iwona Kuczkowska

I love it , I have 3 machines and 2 lights so far and I'm planning to get 2 more machines and 2 more light